The Order of Mount Illuminus

The Order of Mount Illuminus (“the Order” for short) is a borderless organization of justicars that owes allegiance to no government authority. Their chief goals are the protection of innocents, the eradication of evil, and the advancement of humanity. However noble the goals their methods have earned them no end of enemies. In the past the Order has not been above assassination of nobility, open warfare, and even full scale genocide. Many states will execute order members on sight referring to them as assassins and pirates. Due to this order justicars will do their best to keep their identities secret.

For the most part the order is composed of justicars (agents of the order which roam the world dispensing justice) and monks (elders who train young ones in the arts of war and ethics). The orders guiding principle is that of utilitarianism (greatest good for greatest number). An order justicar would without hesitation kill a hundred people if he/she believed it would save a thousand. For this reason members of the order are often seen as cold, dispassionate, and in some cases even soulless.

Other notable facts:

The order is based at the peak of mount Illuminus and has carved out a small slice of territory from around the base of the mountain. The order does not desire expansion as power corrupts and their mission requires a lack of corruption.

The order numbers in the thousands the majority of which spend their time roaming the world. Despite this relatively small population, castle Ilumini has never fallen to hostile invaders (and lord knows they have tried). Any large force would be spotted long before they reached the mountain and no small force has yet been capable of outmatching the order.

The order is a secular organization.

The order has existed for thousands of years.

Justicars are not taught magic.

Women of the order are not prohibited from becoming justicars but are encouraged to become mothers. That being said a significant portion of women do choose to become justicars.

All members of the order (male and female) are taught to fight from birth. In addition they are educated extensively in math, science, language, and art among other things.

The Order of Mount Illuminus

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