Moirai - City of Fates

Ep.1 A New Beginning
Episode 1

Each of our heroes, for reasons only known to themselves, have traveled to the city of Moirai. Each threading along the main roadway and casually floating along with the incoming tide of the morning commute. Suddenly, a war cry erupts from the nearby forest accompanied by a volley of arrows. The arrows rain down upon the road, immediately striking down a few unlucky peasants and causing the rest to flee in terror. Directly after the initial confusion a group of young Elven tribal warriors dash out of the forest, charging a small Dwarven caravan that is now caught in the open roadway.

As the first few Elves clash with the ill-equipped caravan guards the party members move to help protect the caravan. The battle doesn’t last long, however, as a patrol of city guards soon arrive. The remaining Elves grab what they can from the caravan and flee back into the nearby forest. Quickly gaining control of the situation, the city guards confiscate the remains of the caravan and detain the remaining survivors. With caravan and heroes in tow, the city guard makes their way back along the road towards Moirai.
Ep.3 The Broken Wheel - Crocodiles in the Sewer
Episode 3 +

The party makes there way to an out of the way tavern that they are assured is a safe haven for the time being. Daygon is a frequent visitor here and knows the tavern keeper well. After a night of rest and some further information into the members of the group, Daygon persuades the party to help him on one of his current missions. To investigate the growing rumors of increased goblin raids on the people in the low quarter.

Leaving The Broken Wheel tavern the party meets up with Jorgon, whom is outside pandering to the crowd, and he informs the party that he knows the location of a hangout where hunters and mercenaries frequent and whom might know more about the goblin problems. So, making their way to this new location called The Discreet Mistress. Inside the establishment Daygon tries, unsuccessfully, to persuade a local hunter into giving him information. Before a fight breaks out Orn interjects into the situation and instead makes a bet with the hunter for the information, and Orn proceeds to beat the hunter in a series of card games. After the loss, the hunter upholds his end of the deal and directs the party to a slum in the low quarter that has had recent problems with goblin raids and incursions.

Following the hunters directions the party soon comes to the outlying territory of the slums, where the discover that the place is in the middle of yet another goblin raid. Quickly, the party tries to disrupt the goblins, and their apparent attempt at abducting the people in the slums.
As the fight ensues the party is successful, but at a terrible price. Daygon is slain during the battle, torn asunder by sewer crocodiles, and a few of the goblins managed to escape with peasants in tow.

Ep.2 Into the City - A Near Miss
Episode 2

After being detained by city guards the party is lead to Moirai, giving them their first glance of the city proper. The White Gates tower above the group. To those in the group new to Moirai it give a sense of awe and wonder, but to those few that are familiar with the city the sight brings nothing but dread. These emotions are cut short, however, as the city guard quickly ushers the party through the gates and immediately onto the guards complex for questioning. The small dwarven caravan that was with the group is taken deeper into the complex, while the party is taken directly to the offices of the guard Captain.

While within the offices the group is introduced to guard Captain Aelethis Rel’rathas. Here the party is searched and relieved of their weapons and magical items, as per city law. All except Orn, whom carries official papers allowing him to retain his equipment. Through conversation it becomes clear the party is to be arrested and punished due to their involvement in the raid on the roadside.
Following this conversation with the captain the party, along with their confiscated possessions, are lead out into the complex yard and join with a chain gang of other detainee’s bound for trial by the local Magistrate.

While being lead by city guards through the city streets the chain gang becomes embroiled in a small riot that erupts unexpectedly around it. While the guards are distracted with defending themselves against the growing mob, a small gnome breaks through the melee and starts freeing the captives. The party taking advantage of the situation, regains their confiscated items and flees the chain gang and disappears into the roaring riot. The party is met by an old accomplice of Orns, who was the instigator of the riots, and guides the party to a back alley in where they rest and figure out what to do next.


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