Daygon Walyance

Veteran and past contact of PC Orn


Human – Veteran member of the underground resistance in Moirai.
Past comrade and contact of PC Orn.

Joining the party to investigate reports of disappearing peasants Daygon first led the party to a Tavern for information gathering. Aptly named ‘The Discrete Mistress’, the tavern is a common meeting place for mercenaries, hunters, and sailors.

After gathering the needed information Daygon then led the party into the Low Quarter, towards a shanty town that has seen recent goblin raids. As the party entered the town, they soon discovered that another raid was in progress. The party quickly came to the defense of the townsfolk, with Daygon leading the way.

Daygon would fall during the battle, torn asunder by a sewer crocodile accompanied by it’s goblin tamer.


Daygon Walyance

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