Moirai - City of Fates

Ep.1 A New Beginning

Episode 1

Each of our heroes, for reasons only known to themselves, have traveled to the city of Moirai. Each threading along the main roadway and casually floating along with the incoming tide of the morning commute. Suddenly, a war cry erupts from the nearby forest accompanied by a volley of arrows. The arrows rain down upon the road, immediately striking down a few unlucky peasants and causing the rest to flee in terror. Directly after the initial confusion a group of young Elven tribal warriors dash out of the forest, charging a small Dwarven caravan that is now caught in the open roadway.

As the first few Elves clash with the ill-equipped caravan guards the party members move to help protect the caravan. The battle doesn’t last long, however, as a patrol of city guards soon arrive. The remaining Elves grab what they can from the caravan and flee back into the nearby forest. Quickly gaining control of the situation, the city guards confiscate the remains of the caravan and detain the remaining survivors. With caravan and heroes in tow, the city guard makes their way back along the road towards Moirai.


SumoTode SumoTode

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